DIFCIA Events 2021

1  |  30 February 2021

Mr. Bryan Stirewalt | CEO
Supported by: HFW Middle East LLP

Role of Insurance in Recovery and Resilience

2  |  22 February 2021

Ms. Jessica Botelho
Associate Director | Analytics
AM Best

Mr. Ghislani LeCam
Director | Analytics
AM Best

Mr. Mahesh Mistry
Senior Director | Credit Rating Research & Analytics
AM Best

Supported by: A.M. Best – MENA, South & Central Asia

ESG for (Re)Insurers – AM Best’s View

3  |  26 May 2021

Mr. John Barlow
Partner | HFW

Mr. Daniel Martin
Partner | HFW

Ms. Jemima McDonald
Senior Associate | HFW

Mr. Shane Gibbons
Associate | HFW

Supported by: HFW Middle East LLP

Market Update: Recent Changes to the Regulatory Landscape and their Impact on the Insurance Sector

4  |  01 June 2021

Mr. Vasilis Katsipis
General Manager, Market Development
AM Best

Mr. Mahesh Mistry
Senior Director, Credit Rating Criteria Research & Analytics
AM Best
Supported by: A.M. Best – MENA, South & Central Asia

AM Best’s Assessment of Delegated Underwriting Authority Enterprises

5  |  14 June 2021

Dave Matcham | Chief Executive
International Underwriting Association (IUA)
Supported by: ACE Re & HFW Middle East LLP

The Future at Lloyd’s – the digital transformation of the Lloyd’s and wider London market

6  | 16 June 2021

Mr. Chris Cain
Client Services Director (Middle East)
Equiom Limited

Ms. Claudia Maldonado | Principal
Mercer Financial Services

Ms. Reena Vivek | Senior Executive Officer
Zurich Workplace Solutions

DEWS – Successfully restructuring EoSG in the DIFC

7  | 21 June 2021

Mr. Tom Pelham | Partner
Kennedys LLP

Ms. Kelsey Evans | Chartered Legal Executive
Kennedys LLP
Supported by: ACE Re & Kennedys LLP

Ransomware Attacks: Prevent, Detect, Respond, Notify

8  | 23 June 2021

Dr. Noah Radford | Futurist-in-Chief & Chief of Global Affairs
Dubai Future Foundation
Supported by: AETNA Global Benefits Limited & HFW Middle East LLP

The Brief History of Future

9  | 13 October 2021

Ms. Adrita Bhattacharya-Craven
Director, Health & Ageing | The Geneva Association

Professor Nicholas Goodwin
Director, Central Coast Research Institute for Integrated Care University of Newcastle, and the Central Coast Local Health District

Supported by: Aetna Global Benefits Limited, Cigna Insurance Management Services, and Now Health International

New Care Models: How insurers can rise to the challenge of older and sicker societies

10  | 01 November 2021

Mr. Dean Pollard
Senior Executive Officer (SEO) | Bupa Global Middle East (DIFC) Limited

Supported by: Bupa Global Middle East (DIFC) Limited & Zurich Workplace Solutions (Middle East) Limited

The Long Tail of the Pandemic on the Mental Health of Senior Leaders’ Mental Health and Wellbeing

11  | 22 November 2021

Mr. Konstantinos Kratiras
Head of Business Development | BlackRock’s Financial Institutions Group, EMEA | European Head of the Global Sustainability Working Group

Global Insurance Report

12  | 06 December 2021

Supported by:
Equiom Corporate Services (Middle East) Ltd
Kennedys Dubai LLP
Simmons & Simmons Middle East LLP
Fichte & Co Legal Consultancy
ITA (Middle East) Ltd

Golf Evening

13  | 14 December 2021

Dr. Daniel D. Zimmerman
Senior Vice President, Head of Global Medical | RGA Reinsurance Company

Supported by:
RGA Reinsurance Company
Middle East Limited

Long COVID – The Insurer’s Perspective

14  | 15 December 2021

Ms. Gaenor Jones | Director | Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
Mr. Ian Simmons | Director | Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)
Ms. Rebecca Aston | Professional Standards Manager | Chartered Insurance Institute (CII)


Supported by:
Aetna Global Benefits Limited

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence for Insurance
Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) Partnership Announcement