4th May 2023 - Lux War Risk Model: A Data Driven Early Warning System for Armed Conflict
We are delighted to showcase the “Lux War Risk Model”. The model is a multi-layer perceptron. This is a supervised feed-forward neural network with multiple layers which is trained to predict...
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Event Asset HFW
22nd Feb 2023 - How current sanctions apply beyond borders and their impact on certain insurance activities
We are delighted to invite you to our event on sanctions on the 22nd February.During this event HFW will explain how different sanctions operate. First considering the notions of “ownership”...
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DIFCIA Events 2022
1  |  17 February 2022 Mr. F. Christopher Calabia, Chief Executive DFSA Insuring a Sustainable Future is not Science Fiction2  |  22 February 2022 Ms. Sorana Parvuluescu | Partner,...
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DIFCIA Events 2021
1  |  30 February 2021 Mr. Bryan Stirewalt | CEO DFSA Supported by: HFW Middle East LLP Role of Insurance in Recovery and Resilience2  |  22 February 2021 Ms. Jessica Botelho Associate...
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DIFCIA Events 2020
1  |  30 January 2020 Mr. Bryan Stirewalt | CEO DFSA Opportunities from Challenges 10 February 2020 Mr. Sean Kelleher| CEO Mondial (Dubai) LLC Mr. Mark Roberts Principal Consultant Aon Retirements...
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