CEO Message

Dr. Bassel Hindawi

The DIFC Insurance Association (DIFCIA) was established in May 2015 to act as a forum for the exchange of views on market issues, and to contribute to the development of the insurance market at the DIFC as a specialized centre of excellence.

In that very short space of time, we now have a good number of Full and Associate members.

We have ambitious plans to grow and act as the voice and advocacy force for companies operating in the DIFC.

We’d like to see the DIFCIA become a representative body of the (re)insurers and brokers operating in the DIFC and to develop into a premier hub to serve the industry in the region every which way. We remain open to great new ideas as we move forward, given the critical challenges facing the region.

We hope you find our website useful and we shall continue our efforts to provide you with further useful information and more convenient services.

Thank you.

Dr. Bassel Hindawi
DIFC Insurance Association